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To be a role model in serving people with respect and dignity


To provide support to needy people to grow, expand and realize their full potential and capabilities


Console and Empower


  • Ethics of the Good Samaritan
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Timeliness
  • Joy

Background and History


Fr. Peter Meienberg – Founder

“I founded Faraja in 1999 for the benefit of refugees from the neighbouring countries Rwanda, Burundi and D.R. Congo. A¬†Swahili term of Arabic origin, Faraja means ‘consolation’, and the one who is able to truly console us, is a person called ‘Mfariji’, the Holy Spirit. This connection between us and the divine Consoler is to me of utmost importance. Faraja should totally rely on the ‘Helper’ that Jesus promised us and who will remain with us until the end (Jn.14, 16).

During the 80s and 90s I was a member of St. Benedict’s Monastery, Thika Road (Ruaraka), next to Mathare Valley, and thus I not only worked with refugees, but with poor Kenyans, especially young people struggling to go through secondary education. For this purpose I set up a scholarship programme for boys and girls of poor families.

One day I was asked to search for refugees in the city’s men’s and women’s prisons, at NRAP and Lang’ata Women’s Prison, and visiting them I realized how brutal and inhuman living conditions were in these punitive institutions. At once I applied for a prison chaplaincy, and within a week I was officially employed in this capacity, in December 1999. This new ministry became increasingly our core project.
Slowly, but steadily, Faraja turned from a one-man undertaking into a highly professional charitable organization with social workers, psychological counsellors, ICT expert and administrators.” ~Fr. Peter Meienberg