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Business Start-up Support

The Foundation has been receiving a series of bright and innovative minds that are debarred from achieving their dreams by insufficient funds to act as capital for their businesses. Being known to be philanthropic, we selectively analyze their business proposals and short list those that we deemed fit to qualify for assistance. For the past six months, we received many business proposals ranging from operating a green grocer, food kiosk business, graphic design business, and fish monger business farming among others.  We were able to assist those we felt were in a potential to operate the business and the results were very encouraging.

It has come to our attention that too many hands are better than one when it comes to working.  Faraja Foundation found that working with individuals has a lesser impact as compared to a group. It’s for this reason we intend to work with groups next year to achieve great results. For the success of the initiative to be admired, we have the following activities in place;

  • Formulation of groups
  • Group capacity building
  • Group life skill/entrepreneurial training
  • Business establishment with groups
  • Follow-ups
  • Need assessments
  • Group mentorship programme

“Every person has a potential to become an entrepreneur”