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Faraja Foundation is facilitating transformative approach to offender rehabilitation and reformation through “Performance for change” prison staff training program, counseling and creative art therapy. Prison officers with direct contact with prisoners have been trained to become agents of behavior change through performance for change staff training program. More than 4000 prison officers have gone through this psychological transformation training and have abandoned brutality and embraced communication and  counseling as new approaches to rehabilitation and behavior change, reducing incidents of Violent exchanges between prison officers and prisoners.

Demand for counseling has increased. More prisoners are getting involved in positive and beneficial activities. They are engaged in group counseling sessions and discussion groups to facilitate peaceful and humane reformation and to engender a more rational and enlightened approach to violence prevention, drug and substance abuse, and discipline in Kenya prisons.

Creative Art Therapy has become an integral part of prison programming. Prisoners are engaged in creative skills learning as a way of reducing idleness, stress and negative thoughts and emotions. Prisoners are learning new creative arts and making items to sell and save money to invest in income generating activities when they are finally discharged from prison.

Taking a proactive stance, Faraja Foundation is committed to playing an integral part in redefining our nation’s prisons as places for healing and positive growth.  More than 250 prisoners have been trained as peer counselors and educators in Nairobi prisons to provide emotional support and appropriate and positive information to fellow prisoners and refer them for professional counseling to identify the hidden positive traits for personal growth.

Prison officers report that peer counseling is very effective program for prisoner growth and transformation. Inmates have gained greater self-awareness, the capacity to manage their emotions, empathize with the feelings of others, and increase their spiritual development.

Hundreds of would have been wasted lives have been turned around through offender reintegration and socioeconomic support. Faraja foundation has supported hundreds of ex-prisoners to reenter the community and start a new life with capability to earn a decent living and contribute positively to National development.

Support us reach out to more prisons with performance for change to facilitate  behavior change in prisoners and enhance public safety