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Education remains among the most powerful means of positively transforming young lives. It is also believed that education is the key to success. In Faraja foundation we actively support needy and deserving students from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds to access education and it’s the foundations core pillar that contributes to the growing numbers of skilled youth. The grants are awarded to students who have performed well in their KCPE and are able to transit to secondary school.

With high employment rates in the country, many youths are idle and they engage in criminal activities in the slums they are living. Other do not proceed to colleges after high school due lack of school fee. The foundation saw a need to support these needy youths to have access to vocational institution to acquire hand skills to earn a living through formal and informal employment.

Proponents of vocational education argue that such training can deliver more readily-marketable skills to these youth, and therefore offer an attractive alternative to traditional schooling that could smooth the school-to-work transition for those leaving the traditional schooling track.

In the past few years that Faraja Foundation has been running a vocational programme, it has proven it evident that there is dire need to empower youth more so those from the informal settlements as a way of facilitating a smooth journey to earning a livelihood. Youth unemployment creates a bigger problem as when they are unemployed for long periods they are likely to engage in risky behavior such as drug and substance abuse, unsafe sex, criminal activities, radicalization and terrorism.