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Livelihood means a person’s ability to earn a living.  It is about so much more than just income it is about everything that makes an impact on a person’s life – education, health and access to food all play a vital role. It is sustainable when it enables people to cope with and recover from shocks and stresses (such as natural disasters and economic or social upheavals) and enhance their well-being and that of future generations without undermining the natural environment or resource base.

We see our livelihoods work as a fundamental part of what we do. As part of our livelihood work, we take a broad look at the resources available in the communities, to generate and diversify their income, enhance their physical and economic access to food supply while promoting sustainable natural resource management with the overall aim of improving their quality of life. Faraja Foundation empowers these people to overcome poverty by helping them generate more income to spend on their children’s education, health care and other basics.

Under livelihood program, there are various groups that receive support ranging from Ex- prisoners who upon release have no one to turn to in order to rebuild their life again. Being a refugee in a foreign country, someone can experience many difficulties. It is also our pleasure to look into their needs and offer a livelihood to them. Besides this a big number of vulnerable individuals come from the surrounding slums of Nairobi County where a big number are single, divorced and separated seeking solace from Faraja. We have been able to stretch our hand and for the last 15 years we have been able to transform 2500 women who are now running their own businesses hence being independent

Through provision of small business capital, business boosts, medical assistance food clothes and rent people have been lifted from ashes to glory and they can attest to that.