Second Chances

Second Chances

Faraja Foundation is offering scholarships for students to continue their High school and vocational education. The program has awarded 30 full scholarships in 2019. They are available to students released from correctional institutions and still have the urge to pursue their education. The scholarship has eased the burdens of parents with financial constraints and restored hope in the future of their children.

Faraja Foundation aspires to establish a community of lifelong learners, responsible global citizens and champions of own success. Currently, the Foundation has collaborated with the juvenile institution to offer Psychosocial services, life-skills training and give an opportunity to the children to continue their education upon release. Some of the factors that lead to children being committed to juvenile institutions include poverty, family instability, inadequate educational opportunities and poor physical and mental health and peer pressure. To cope with their situations, most of these youths indulge in drug abuse, violence, sexual activities, criminal activities and other antisocial behavior that lands them in conflict with the law.

The scholarship is just one of the programs put in place to help the children get back on their feet. With the help of the public and well-wishers, Faraja Foundation is able to award more scholarships to the deserving students.

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