The Healing Journey

In line with our Capacity Development Projects (CDP), Faraja Foundation undertook the training of sexual offenders on behaviour change, peer education and counselling in Yatta Prison to support the rehabilitation of the offenders. The training equipped the participants with knowledge, skills and attitude on effectively addressing behaviours that put them at risk of sexual offences. The three-day training was delivered in a participatory approach. This empowering style of facilitation enabled the participants to be active in the discussion and becoming more aware of themselves in terms of capacities and resources. Methodology used included small group discussions, big group discussions, lecture, brainstorming, role-play, case study.

Skills in self-esteem building, acceptance and responsibility, coping skills, intimacy and attachments, self-management goals, peer education and counselling were among the well-crafted program’s sessions. These sessions were aimed at helping the participants to change their behaviour and effectively have the ability to help their peers. During the sessions, pre-test and post-test evaluation activities were carried out to ensure that the expected outcomes were achieved. After this training, Faraja Foundation will undertake a continuous monitoring on the participants to assess the impact caused as regard to the training’s impact in positive behaviour change.

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