Capacity Development Projects (CDP)

This is a response to support the successful rehabilitation of women, men, youth and children in conflict with the law; serving custodial or non-custodial sentences.

Community Adaptation Projects (CAP)

The focus of community adaptation projects is the effective reintegration of offenders back into the society.

Human Rights and Advocacy Projects (HRAP)

Engaging in the promotion of human rights in institutions holding offenders in Kenya in partnership with like-minded organizations

Networking and Partnerships

The partnerships will be aimed at providing lasting solutions to human rights issues which have been a hindrance to rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders by developing Faraja’s capacity to intervene.

Institutional Strengthening Projects (ISP)

In line with the SDGs, the Foundation looks forward to developing a strong institution with strong internal mechanisms and widen its outreach in developing partnerships (SDG 16/17) so that it meets its obligation to enhance human dignity through social transformation.


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