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FATHER PETER MEIENBERG ~ Speech by Josephine Chelel

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Apeter character that cannot be described enough.

A treasure, a jewel, a gift that surpass all,

A father to the fatherless and a guardian angel to prisoners.

We have always asked, “Are you a brother to Jesus?”

Jesus went about doing good by showing love, compassion and Mercy to the less fortunate and vulnerable. We also admit that you are full of love, compassion and valentine! You have always made us the love of your life. Your unconditional love for us knows no boundaries, your compassion and mercy is limitless.

Imagine at your age listening to all regardless of age, color, and nationality and even background or status. Someone told us you have a PHD to empathize, stoop low for prisoners. You suffer and you are emotionally bound as if you are in prison for our sake.

You have been an encouragement and a pillar of hope for us all. You have given us hope for now and in the future, hope that we are not alone, hope that someone loves and cares about us. Thank you for journeying with us through bad and good, sorrow and suffering and for always wishing us happiness. Your selflessness, humility and love for all are to be emulated. How we wish we could thank you in a big way, such a man with a BIG HEART.

Words cannot express our love for you and deep down our hearts. We appreciate everything about you as your children. Your smile restores peace in us, your wisdom encourages, your servants heart we cannot explain.

Prisoners like us, you accepted us to send you to the chief justice and the results! Increase in the number of judges and speeding up of cases at the high court. You workday and night overworking yourself at 86 to ensure our stay in prison is bearable. God will reward you dad. No word or deeds are enough to say Asante.

When we cry you wipe our tears, when we are rejected you accept us unconditionally as we are. When we are weighed down your words encourage us, when we have no reason to smile your presence cheers us up, when we hate ourselves you teach us self-acceptance, when we are lonely your embrace keeps us warm, you give us meaning and add value to our lives. We thank God for priceless gifts as you. May God bless you as you age gracefully.

The Langata remand family celebrate you. All ages, colour, and nationality appreciate your daily sacrifices, the beds, borehole, the sweaters, playing field, resource Centre, the bakery are all fruits of your hard work just for our own good.


Thank you father Peter,

Niwega Fr. Peter

Erokamano Fr. Peter

Kongoi Fr. Peter

Mbuya Fr. Peter

Nuseo Fr. Peter

Orio Fr. Peter

Xexe Fr. Peter


We love you our dad!

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