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One of our core values is Ethics of the Good Samaritan. We contribute chiefly to the society through serving the needy with dignity and without discrimination.“Go and Do Likewise” Luke 10: 37. We accept all manner of donations. From physical items like clothing to monies. We have various forms of receiving donations. We can receive through our online platform by simply clicking the DONATE button

Juvenile Justice Life Skills Project

The children and youth in custodial care are individuals in crisis at their delicate stage of development and seem lost in their identity and purpose for the future. While the reception centers are the starting point of rehabilitating youth in conflict with the law, these institutions lack adequate  psychosocial support mechanisms. Because of their experiences, the youth in juvenile care tend to carry  injuries, rejection, heartbreaks, and painful experiences. This project aims at providing forums that address psychosocial issues affectig them, strengthening solutions to youth misconduct and ephasizing humane and fair treatment of the young which will build their self-esteem and give them hope of a better and brighter future.

Educational Sponsorship Initiative

We provide sponsorship to bright and needy students joining secondary schools and vocational training institutions. We believe they have a chance to have a better tomorrow hence we stretch out, hold their hands and save their destinies through educating them.