The target project areas (institutions) experience harsh conditions that hinder successful rehabilitation which includes congestion, poor documentation of offenders, and lack of proper rehabilitation programmes coordination as well as poor infrastructure among many other conditions.

Capacity Development Projects (CDP) is a response to support the successful rehabilitation of women, men, youth, and children in conflict with the law; serving custodial or non-custodial sentences. The projects will be implemented over a five-year period in 23 women prisons, 10 male prisons, 4 youth correctional and training centers as well as 6 probation hostels and 7 children rehabilitation centers.

In the current strategic plan period, the Foundation intends to focus more on remandees and offenders who are serving sentences in medium prisons, as well as youth offenders in juvenile institutions and probation hostels. The Foundation will journey with them throughout their sentence to ensure they complete their rehabilitation process. This will also include short-term offenders who are mostly affected by recidivism. Nevertheless, counseling will also be conducted in maximum security prisons.

Capacity Development Projects