The focus of the Community Adaptation Projects (CAP) is the effective reintegration of offenders back into society. The interventions are intended to address the incompatibility between the released offenders and the host community that leads to unwarranted loss of life and recidivism.

Reintegration or returning to the community as a reformed person that can contribute positively should be one of the most important results of imprisonment and rehabilitation. Offender reintegration encompasses all activities and programming conducted to prepare an offender or children in conflict with the law to return safely to the community and live as a law- abiding citizen.

Since inception of the Faraja Foundation, we have been helping in transition and reintegration of ex- offenders, children in conflict with the law, assisting refugees to either start their lives in the country or assist those that were able to get resettlement to other countries. Most of the support has been through education, business skills training and basic business startup support, counseling, mentorship, mediation among others.

The Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Response (HASER) thematic area has been used to cushion families of offenders against adverse effects of the criminal justice process and remains a key support project by Faraja Foundation.

Program Goal:

To facilitate successful family and community re-entry for the ex-offenders and children in conflict with the law

Community Adaptation Projects (CAP)