Senior Sergeants in prison have the challenging task of interacting closely with Junior staff / the Senior prison officers and prisoners on day to day basis. The officers are the link as well as Agents of behavior change and rehabilitation process. For behavior change to be more sustainable the agents must recognize the critical role they play in their client’s behavior change process and become cognisant of the impact their own behavior has on their client’s behavior and address those areas that may have a negative impact on their clients.

The aim:

Senior Sergeants identify their potential; recognize the importance of their work and role as Agents of Behavior Change for effective rehabilitation and social reintegration of offenders


  • To facilitate behavior change in participants through self awareness and personal evaluation
  • To identify and address personal and institutional issues that hinders effective service delivery.
  • To Identify and address psycho-social problems that affect work performance and interpersonal relationships.
  • To identify and address barriers to communication at work place
  • To enhance communication and counseling skills among prison officers to positively influence behavior change among colleagues and inmates.
  • To identify sources of stress and anger to find healthy ways of coping and managing them.
  • To gain effective leadership skills for social transformation

Leadership for Social Transformation Pioneer Training