Rehabilitation and Reintegration thrive in an environment that upholds human dignity and exercises restraint in the application of excessive force while ensuring that conditions for offenders’ lives are favourable. The Foundation will partner with target government institutions and agencies to facilitate a conducive environment for staff, offenders and children in conflict with the law

Objective: To promote and protect the rights of offenders and children in conflict with the law in 70% target women prisons, 100% youth and children institutions and 40% men prisons in 5 years.

Core Activities

  • Training correctional staff on human rights
  • Establishing and strengthening human rights desks
  • Establishing and strengthening EWRM forums and committees
  • Training of paralegals in unreached prisons
  • Celebrating international days. (International Day of the African child, Human Rights Day, Prisoners justice day)

Expected Outcome

  • Improved staff-offender relationships

Priority Area 1: Human Rights Promotion