Christine King’ola

Accredited Counselling Psychologist

Personal Information


She is extremely passionate about engaging in community development in the field of Psycho- social support (PSS)Reintegration /Resettlement Process, Economic Empowerment, Sustainable skills Transfer, SGBV intervention and case management practice within the Correctional sector Prisons and juvenile institutions) in Kenya. Her aspirations resonate with the principles of BIC (Best interest of the child), Do No Harm, Active participation, Collective Responsibility and HRBA ( Human Based Approach) , and she believes her personal attributes, skills and experiences enables her to undertake her assignments satisfactorily.

Christine Holds a Bachelor of arts in Development Studies from Catholic University of Eastern Africa, advanced Diploma in Development Studies and Social Work from Marist International University College and Diploma in Social Work and welfare from Kenya Institute of Social Work and community Development, trained on Trainer of trainer (TOT) and certificate in Counseling Psychology from Amani Counselling Centre.

She is a counselor with diverse experience in individual and group therapy. Issues for counselling range from Drug and substance abuse, anger and stress management, family and marriage and career guidance